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Management consulting

We support the board in making executive decisions and in solving administrative problems.

Policy advice, interim-management and transition-management might seem issues only large companies are concerned with, but many smaller organisations in fact have to face the same challenges. Board members who retire or changing professional requirements are all matters in which we are able to assist.

We provide the executive assistance to solve any administrative problems.

Here are some of the responsibilities we would take on:

  • Finding replacement solutions and taking on extra workload when there aren’t enough board members to fulfil all of the board’s duties
  • Fulfilling the role of chair at meetings: we will act as chair at meetings of the board or the membership, at seminars and other events. This allows the board to participate freely in discussions and ensures that gatherings, meetings and decision-making run smoothly.
  • Providing advice in relation to policy: we advise the board and write policy plans and activity plans according to the ‘balanced scorecard’ method.
  • Recruiting candidates for the board and supporting the board in ensuring the timely transition between board members.Contact us

Associations for whom we handle the management consulting are:

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