ZonderZorg | a professional organization

ZonderZorg supports foundations and organizations associated with mental health care and related fields. We take administrative and organizational tasks off your hands. By doing so, you are able to concentrate on your core business concerns thus providing optimal service to your members.

We offer various services. Examples of these include ZonderZorg | membership administration and ZonderZorg | event organization. For more information about our services contact us at info@zonderzorg.nl

ZonderZorg was founded by the RINO Noord-Holland. RINO Noord-Holland is a national continuing education and training institute for professionals working in mental health care (GGZ) and related areas.

The advantages of ZonderZorg.


We have an expert on staff or readily available in all areas, which means that you can always count on a high quality of service provided by a trusted partner.

Continuity without risks

Through our front office services your organization is always available during working hours, and you have access to our expertise should you need it. Therefore you never need to hire staff. You never have to run the risk of employees leaving and/or worry about finding a suitable replacement.

Cost efficiency

You only pay for the hours that we work for you. Because we can employ multiple organizations to work together in tandem, it costs you considerably less than if you were to do the work yourself.


Improving the quality of services foundations and organization provide is our mission. We are motivated to offer services that serve to enhance your organization.